AI-supported collective-social moderation of online discourses (KOSMO)

Over the last decade, digital platforms have become important instruments for the joint development of ideas and places for the exchange of political opinions. However, considerable human and financial resources are needed to moderate and evaluate the many contributions.

Therefore, the aim of KOSMO is to develop and test an AI-supported assistance system that supports moderators and organizers in ensuring the quality of discussions and the synthesis of online discussions. This should make the discussions more attractive for participants as well as cheaper and easier to evaluate for providers. Thus, KOSMO enables the implementation of online discussions and online participation processes on a broad scale. Using the latest machine learning technologies and gamification approaches, KOSMO is a prototype for a system that proactively supports moderators in the execution of their tasks and thus enables administrations, political institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), foundations and online media in particular to conduct cost-effective but high-quality online discussions and participation processes.

From a scientific perspective KOSMO pursues three goals:

  • The optimization of algorithms for the automated detection of low and high quality Contributions to discussions in the German language.
  • The integration of the algorithms in a prototype of an assistance system that proactively supports moderators* in their tasks.
  • The research will provide in-depth answers to the research questions of how online discussions can be improved by assistance systems for semi-automated moderation and synthesis, how these systems are perceived and evaluated by providers and participants of online discussions, and how participation processes can contribute to strengthening democracy by using the systems.

The project is conducted in cooperation with Liquid Democracy e.V. (LIQD), the Institute for Participatory Design / Hörster & Rohr GbR (IPG) and the Research Group Deliberative Discussions in the Social Web (DEDIS) of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf.

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for 3 years with about 370.000 €.