Evaluation of online participation processes

Planning, designing, implementing and analyzing online participatory processes is a challenging task. In every single phase of this process, a scientific evaluation can contribute to improving participatory processes. At the Düsseldorf Institute for Internet and Democracy experts from social sciences, computer science, economics and law are working together using a variety of scientific approaches and methods. This expertise is the basis of our scientific evaluations.

  • Ex-ante

    You are planning an online participation process? We inform you about scenarios, goals or evaluation criteria that fit your purpose.

  • On-going

    You are running an online participation process? – We can implement an on-going evaluation that helps you to meet your goals.

  • Ex-post

    You have finished an online participation process? – We do an ex-post scientific evaluation that covers your questions and objectives.

Matching your objectives with the appropriate scientific method and running the whole research process from data collection to data analysis and presentation are our competences as an academic institution. We use quantitative and qualitative methods:

  • Survey methods
  • Content analysis
  • Log File analysis
  • Observation methods

Are you interested in a scientific evaluation of an online participatory process or scientific research in the area of online participation? Do not hesitate to contact us.