Research thrives on exchange. Here you will find the current dates of events and also news about the DIID. In addition, we regularly include summaries of past events to keep you up dated. Unfortunately, the latest news is mainly published in German language.


#meinfernsehen2021 – First findings published in epd media

16. April 2021

Public broadcasting is more controversial than ever. However, in public, discussions about it are mostly conducted by the same experts and actors from politics and civil society. In Cooperation with the Grimme Institute and the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Agency for Civic Education), the DIID has set up the online participation process #meinfernsehen2021 to explore the questions: Public broadcasting – What needs to change, what should remain in television?
Prof. Dr. Christiane Eilders and Dr. Frauke Gerlach (Director Grimme Institute) have now drawn up an interim report on this project and published first findings on epd.
Read it here.
More information on the project: #meinfernsehen2021.

Online Workshop: Modernising Public Participation through Deliberation?

6. April 2021

Workshop on the legal framework and institutional practice of municipal public participation in Poland and Germany.

More and more municipalities in Germany are issuing guidelines for public participation. However, how these guidelines fit into the legal regulations at national and European level, to what extent these also make standards of good participation (in our understanding: deliberative participation) binding, and whether these make any difference at all to participation practice on the ground, has not yet been sufficiently researched.

Over the past two years, a German-Polish research group from the Universities of Warsaw and Düsseldorf has intensively studied how municipal citizen participation is legally regulated in both countries. The findings are supplemented by interviews with participation officers from more than 30 municipalities on the practice of citizen participation. The results provide a unique insight into the law and practice of municipal public participation in both countries.

More information on the content and the programme of the event can be found here.

The event will take place on Thursday, 22 April, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, exclusively online. Simultaneous translation into Polish and German will be provided during the event.

Participation is free of charge. Please register with your name and email address at the following link:

Opinion Monitor Artificial Intelligence – Update deals with the use of AI in journalistic work

31. March 2021

The use of artificial intelligence can facilitate journalistic work on various levels; in addition to distributing news, AI systems can now take over research tasks as well as write articles themselves. In the latest survey conducted as part of MeMo:KI, which polls the German population’s attitudes to AI fortnightly, the focus was precisely on this topic.

How does the German population assess the influence of AI in journalistic activities? Within the framework of the 4th Factsheet of the Opinion Monitor, this very question was investigated. The results are quite ambivalent, even if the use of AI is viewed rather critically in many areas.

You can find the detailed factsheet under the following link:

Press release by HHU:

More information on the project:

Conference: Future of Online Discussions

9. March 2021

After the pandemic-caused postponement and one year of waiting the conference on the Future of Online Discussions (FoOD) was held on 04th and 5th March 2021. The conference was jointly organized by the DIID and the Graduate School Online Participation.


dialog@hhu: The new participation platform of the DIID

27. January 2021

Online participation processes are not only one of the most important research topics of the DIID, but have also been conducted here regularly since its foundation. In order to be on the cutting edge of technology, the DIID now uses adhocracy+, an open source software. It is primarily developed by Liquid Democracy e.V. and enables the simple creation and implementation of participation processes.


Update on the FoOD conference

18. January 2021

Due to the Corona pandemic, we were forced to postpone the conference “The Future of Online Discussions” (FoOD) planned for March 2020 at short notice. The alternate date in August was also impossible to keep. After internal consultations, we have now decided to hold the event virtually via the online tool Webex on March 4 and 5, 2021.


DIID Winter- Retreat 2020

28. February 2020

On January 19th 2020, the Duesseldorf Institute of internet and Democracy invited its members and board to its annual winter retreat.Weiterlesen