UPEKI: Support of political decisions by artificial intelligence.

The research project “Supporting Political Decisions with Artificial Intelligence” (UPEKI) explores the question of how AI can support political decision-making processes. The project focuses on online political discussions.

In two funding phases, both individual political opinion formation (phase 1, completed) and group political decision-making (phase 2, ongoing) are being investigated. Representative surveys as well as multi-wave experiments will be used to investigate the effects of different AI tools on the content, processes, and acceptance of political decision-making as well as its outcomes. Guiding questions for the ongoing second project phase are:

1. can the use of AI tools reduce problems of online discussions?

2. does the satisfaction of citizens with the process and outcome of the discussions increase?

3. can the quality of the process and outcome of the discussions be demonstrably improved?

The interdisciplinary team consists of DIID researchers from computer science, communication science and political science. The project is located as a “use case policy” of the Manchot research group “Decision Making Using Artificial Intelligence Methods”, in which researchers from the fields of medicine, politics, philosophy, law and economics cooperate.