DiscourseData4Policy (DD4P)

In the course of the new funding program of the “HHU Future Groups” of the Heinrich Heine University, the rectorate has selected three innovative research ideas to support them financially for a maximum of three years.

With the project “DiscourseData4Policy” led by Prof. Dr. Stefan Dietze, a research group with DIID participation prevailed in the competition and is working on AI-based understanding of online solidarity discourses for evidence-based policy making.  Stefan Dietze explains, “For evidence-based policy making and its public communication, it is necessary to understand social discourses. How do they depend on social and media events? Especially in dynamic fields of action such as the Corona pandemic, migration or climate policy, data from social media help to identify social trends, opinion patterns and behavioral intentions. Our interdisciplinary project uses methods from AI and machine learning to make such online discourses on Twitter understandable and usable. Interactions between social events, political measures and their social acceptance can thus be better understood.”