Series of lectures: Artificial Intelligence- Chances Risks and Challenges

What is Artificial Intelligence? What can it do, which risks are connected to it and how do they challenge social practices?

Scientists of the fields of philosophy, robotics, information technology, criminology and radiology discuss the general features of artificial intelligence, questioning chances and risks of mechanical pattern recognition, that for example come up, when artificial intelligence is used to diagnose diseases. But they also approach practical use cases, i.e. in the field of robotics, police work and oncology and show, what possibilities there are at the moment and what practices are still in the realm of fiction.

You can see the lecture programme here,

Organisation: Prof. Dr. Susanne Hahn, HHU, Institute of Philosophy

The lectures are aimed at the general public, held at the House of the University, and supported by the “Bürgeruniversität”, DIID, and HeiCAD.