“ERLE” project launched

On 3 May 2024, the kick-off meeting for the project “Success factors for local eParticipation: Mapping and strengthening digital civic participation in German municipalities (ErLE)” took place in Dresden.

Building on the DIID Monitor Online Participation, the project participants from Düsseldorf, Koblenz, Leipzig and Dresden are endeavouring to conduct a nationwide survey of local opportunities for online participation. The aim of the joint project is to systematically record which goals local authorities are pursuing with digital participation processes and which contextual conditions have an influence on this. This data will then be used to identify the conditions for the success of such participation offerings.

The data collected will be visualised via an interactive dashboard and made available to the public. The transfer of knowledge to municipal administrations and networking with relevant stakeholders are important pillars of the project. The aim is to make a significant contribution to improving digital participation programmes and thus to strengthening the municipal administration as a “school of democracy”.

The project is being funded by the Mercator Foundation with a total of around 855,000€. DIID members Prof. Dr. Stefan Marschall and Dr. Nadja Wilker are responsible for the project at HHU. HHU-Düsseldorf is working together with TU Dresden (Prof. Dr. Marianne Kneuer, project coordination), Leipzig University (Prof. Dr. Christian Pieter Hoffmann & Prof. Dr. Christian Pentzold) and the University of Koblenz-Landau (Prof. Dr. Maria A. Wimmer). Former DIID spokesperson Prof. Dr. Christiane Eilders, who has been working on the application together with the DIID team and the project consortium since 2021, also played a key role in acquiring the project.