DIID Winter- Retreat 2020

On January 19th 2020, the Duesseldorf Institute of internet and Democracy invited its members and board to its annual winter retreat.

As always the retreat served as a stage for the presentation and discussion of projects that are currently conducted by members of the DIID. Jun.- Prof. Dr. Tobias Escher and Dr. Malte Steinbach, reported on the current state of their project “Civic participation in local government: European Norms of deliberation and their relevance to the implementation of public consultations in Germany and Poland”, which is being conducted in cooperation with the University of Warsaw. Their presentation was followed by two project presentations from the Manchot Forschungsgruppe KI, a research group focusing on artificial intelligence. Starting with Dr. Peter Kozian, who gave an introduction to Prof. Dr. Weißenbergers project “Good Governance: Artificial Intelligence Analysis, prognosis and support for good management control”. Followed by Katharina Gerls overview of the project “Support of Political Decisions with Artificial Intelligence: Development of Instruments and Analysis of its impacts”. Prof. Dr. Frank Marchinkowski concluded the course of presentations by  presenting the “Meinungsmonitor Künstliche Intelligence”, which has been developed in a cooperation with the Centre of Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS) and monitors and analyses public and publicised opinions about AI. In the afternoon, the retreat continued as a workshop, with a focus on networking and cooperation opportunities between the different research initiatives in the field of digitalisation at HHU.

The DIID-Team would like to thank all the participants very much for a successful day!