Annual conference of the DGPuK specialist group on reception and impact research 2022 #rezfo2022


07.-09. Juni 2022


“Can’t we just stop all yelling at each other,
just because it’s the Internet?”

Exhausted community manager in a focus group study (translated)


The annual conference of the Section Reception and Impact Research of the German Society for Journalism and Communication Studies (DGPuK) will take place from 07 to 09 June 2022 at the Haus der Universität (HdU) in Düsseldorf.

Within the framework of the conference, current contributions from all subfields of media reception and media effects research will be presented and discussed. In addition, there will be a topic-specific panel on incivility, in which theoretical and empirical contributions on the topic area of reception, effects, interventions of incivility will be presented. The call for papers can be found here. In addition, a panel discussion on Open Science will take place during the conference. If you are interested in participating, if you have any questions, ideas or critical comments, please contact Anna Sophie Kümpel or Tobias Dienlin in advance. We look forward to welcoming you in Düsseldorf!

The conference team: Marc Ziegele, Marike Bormann, Katharina Frehmann, Dominique Heinbach, Anke Stoll and Lena Wilms

Covid-19 note: Due to the current infection situation, masks (medical or FFP2 mask) are still mandatory throughout the HdU. The mask may be removed when consuming food or beverages and by presenters during presentations. In addition, persons with symptoms typical of COVID-19 (dry cough, fever, etc.) may not enter the HdU. In addition, we ask participants to perform a Corona rapid test on all conference days. Thank you very much for this!


Here you will find the current conference program and the Book of Abstracts:

Current conference program (as of 07.06.2022)

Book of Abstracts (as of 02.06.2022)

The conference will start on Tuesday evening, 07 June 2022, with a get-together and will end on Thursday, 09 June 2022, around afternoon. Our conference venue is the Haus der Universität (HdU), right in the center of Düsseldorf.


Tuesday, 07. june
Get-Together Restaurant Emmafisch
Wednesday, 08. june09:45Beginning of the conference
13:30 till 15:00Lunch at the Restaurant Wilma Wunder
16:45 till 18:30 Expert group meeting
18:30 Conference dinner at the restaurant Zum Schlüssel
Thursday, 09. june10:00 Beginning of the conference
13:30 End of the conference

As it stands, we are planning the RezFo as a 3G event. Nevertheless, we would like to ask you to test regularly so that we can meet with minimal risk and a good feeling.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at!

We would like to thank our sponsors and supporters