dialog@hhu: The new participation platform of the DIID

Online participation processes are not only one of the most important research topics of the DIID, but have also been conducted here regularly since its foundation. In order to be on the cutting edge of technology, the DIID now uses adhocracy+, an open source software. It is primarily developed by Liquid Democracy e.V. and enables the simple creation and implementation of participation processes.

In cooperation with Liquid Democracy e.V., the DIID implemented this software on the servers of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and developed a connection to the login system of the university, so that a login via the university ID is possible.

First and foremost, the DIID has set up the platform dialog@hhu, on which participation procedures at and for the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf will take place. A first procedure regarding the reform of the study programs at the Institute of Social Sciences will start soon. In addition, other platforms can be installed and used. This has already happened  with meinfernsehen2021. There, the DIID is conducting a participation procedure on the future of public television in cooperation with the Grimme Institute and the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

On the one hand, the DIID is now able to create and carry out participation processes quickly and easily, thus expanding its practical expertise. On the other hand, the platforms and the respective participation procedures themselves can be understood as attractive objects of research, since they can be structured, designed and evaluated according to one’s own ideas. Therefore, this also contributes to DIID’s research on the opportunities and risks of digitization for civic participation.