PD Dr. Merja Mahrt

Communication Studies

Since 2018, Merja Mahrt is a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Social Sciences at Heinrich Heine University. She has previously worked as a Research Associate in Düsseldorf and Friedrichshafen. In 2020 and 2021, she was interim professor for Communication and Media Studies at Technical University Chemnitz. She completed her habilitation at the Faculty of the Arts at Heinrich Heine University in 2017 and received her PhD from the University of Amsterdam in 2010. Since 2020, she is deputy speaker for the division Digital Communication within the German Communication Association.

Her research focuses on the digital fragmentation of society and its consequences for social and political participation. She is especially interested in differences in the use and effects of online versus offline media.

image source: Alexander Vejnovic


+49 211 81-​11875
Gebäude 37.03, Etage 2, Raum 16