Inga Brentel

Communication Studies

Inga Brentel is research associate for media and communication studies at the social science institut of Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf. There she is working on her doctoral degree as part of the tandem-project ‘audience and market fragmentation online’ together with Céline Fabienne Lücken working at the business studies department of the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf. She studied political science at the University of Mannheim (B.A.) and political communication at the Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf (M.A.). In her master thesis, she was concentrating on electoral coverage and its determinants.

With her dissertation, she is looking at audience fragmentation online, its determinants as well as its consequences for democracies. Regarding the DIID she is mainly interested in the attention of users to different media channels online. Thereby, political information channels and programs are focused.


0211 / 81-13921
Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Raum 37.03, Ebene 04, Raum 10