Dr. Fabian Anicker


Dr. Fabian Anicker is a research associate in the project “Meinungsmonitor Künstliche Intelligenz” [MeMo:KI] at the HHU-Düsseldorf since 2022 and deputy speaker of the DGS section sociological theory. Prior to that, he served as editor of the German journal “Zeitschrift für Theoretische Soziologie” at the University of Münster from 2015 to 2022. In 2011, he earned a master’s degree in Global and International Sociology at the University of Edinburgh, having previously studied social sciences in Düsseldorf (2007 to 2010). In 2019, he received his PhD from HHU-Düsseldorf with a thesis on communicative rationality and deliberative democracy from a sociological perspective.

His research interests are political sociology, especially public sphere and democratic theory, and sociology of technology, especially artificial intelligence. He also deals with general issues of sociological theory such as theory formation and theory comparison.


49 211 81 - 10084
Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Gebäude 37.03, Ebene 02, Raum 22